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Legal Expertise Access Platform (LEAP) is a Not For Profit international initiative, based in Africa, that aims to transform the continent’s access to and hosting of cutting edge socio/legal thinking and practice. LEAP is being introduced at a crucial stage in Africa’s development momentum and endeavours to become the foremost provider of innovative and multipurpose platforms to increase access to and implementation of top-level legal excellence across the continent in support of the rule of law.

LEAP will choose three themes that represent key challenges and opportunities for Africa’s current development agenda. These three themes will form the basis of a three day conference to be hosted in Africa. The topics will be deemed to warrant close and careful attention from the continent’s leadership sectors, in conjunction with leading thinkers and practitioners in the identified social/legal fields. LEAP will provide a dynamic no nonsense appraisal forum, to be conducted under strict Chatham House Rules.

The LEAP conference will be a major event for the calendar year, attracting esteemed and high level speakers to deliver keynote addresses and to participate in expert panel and delegate led discussion sessions.

The conference will be inclusive and interactive. Delegates can expect open discussion panels and break out sessions for an even more focused exchange platform.

As a way of continuing and expanding upon the LEAP conference, LEAP’s online platform and publications will provide this initiative with user friendly, accessible interfaces that will connect, inform, and inspire its users. LEAP pledges to provide relevant resources fit for the purpose of expounding the rule of law in Africa.

LEAP recognises that the rule of law is unquestionably Africa’s right. Arriving at well informed legal approaches, able and willing to answer crucial legal questions and to implement accordingly, will ensure that Africa’s stride forward is indeed a LEAP!

Steering Group

Founding Director of LEAP, Barrister at Law and Chief of the Judicial and Legal Affairs Section with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda


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