The LEAP conference and official launch 19-20 November 2014 – hosted by the Law School of Tanzania

The LEAP conference will be a high level conference in Africa, providing a unique platform for expert presentations, targeting leadership in governmental and key stakeholder sectors (including the legal sector and civil society organisations). In line with LEAP’s overall aim of creating a dynamic structured space for meaningful exchanges, the LEAP conference will provide platforms for expert and delegate led break out sessions on pivotal areas of interest to the continent.

In addition, each LEAP conference shall provide a discussion session at a relevant study institution, offering inspirational impetus for the student sector and confirming the initiative’s commitment to adopting an inclusive, socially responsible approach.

The LEAP conference will cover critical areas of policy and practice and organisational strategic planning across governance and the developing sectors.

The LEAP conference will provide governments and other stakeholders with dynamic and firsthand links with those at the global cutting edge of independent academic and professional legal practice. This will be complemented by LEAP’s online platform which will provide a fast, easy and accessible method of both fostering and developing those links and seeking expertise.

There are three important points to note:

  1. Taking on board, the complex nature concerning diplomatic protocol at public events, LEAP considers it prudent, where appropriate, to offer a number of break out sessions at our conference events aimed specifically at government officials.
  2. Other key stakeholders will also have the benefit of targeted break out sessions;
  3. Neither of these two points should detract from one of LEAP’s principal objectives of creating a platform for a broad set of voices to be both heard and listened to at a high level event. At closing conference sessions, space will be provided for a summary of the event, open to all present to participate in and to continue the exchange of ideas, concerns, successes, and networking opportunities.


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