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Here at LEAP we are making it our business to bring to our users first class news, publications and other forms of relevant multimedia in an accessible and stimulating manner.

Historically speaking, the knowledge flow that has passed through the African continent has often been lost. It is important that the abundant resources of valuable contextual material on pressing socio-legal issues, that are likely to have a profound effect on how Africa frames its own future, are documented, preserved and made proper use of now and in the future.

We promise to source our news responsibly and will do so only from those with a solid track record of providing accurate and intellectually rigorous coverage of Africa.

We are pleased to announce that Think Africa Press has agreed for LEAP to republish their Legal News items and we look forward to collaborating with them further as we continue this exciting journey.

We aim to produce relevant and useful publications and provide multimedia sections complementing the spirit of socio/legal knowledge and creativity.

Welcome to our Information Centre!



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