In the face of many different challenges experienced over decades, the creative spirit throughout Africa remains breathtaking.  We believe that artistic expression as a form of cultural  documentation and vibrancy needs to be celebrated and valued more and to be better understood in terms of  its link to the issues of development.

LEAP has commenced building connections with some of Africa’s finest artists and is honoured to have this opportunity to expand its reach and to engage in innovative collaborations.  LEAP is pleased to announce the start of its Multimedia page, specifically set up as a creative space for displays of photographic and artistic works that coincide with the ethos and scope of the LEAP initiative.

Artists and photographers will provide a collection of their works that speak to the issues set out in the LEAP conference themes and/or relating to the rule of law in Africa in general.  This will provide a broad canvas to create a unique and meaningful commentary, in a manner that words often fail to convey.


Featured Artists

George Osodi

George Osodi

Link Itangaze
Link Itangaze



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